On The Day

A lot of planning goes into a funeral and it is sensible to consider everything before the day to ensure that it runs smoothly. It’s important to think about the clothes you might wear, the flowers you would like and who might wish to carry the coffin.

What is a suitable dress code for a funeral?

The traditional choice of clothing for funerals has been black for generations. However, society is changing faster now than ever before and our attitude to funerals is changing with it. There are no rules for you to follow and you are welcome to select a colour scheme for mourners to wear. You might choose to dress in the deceased’s favourite colour in celebration of their life. If this is something you would like to do, it’s important to include the relevant information on the invitation.

Which route will the funeral cortege take?

The cortege takes place using a black hearse, limousines or we can arrange alternative vehicles if required. The cortege can be a route of your choice or drive past a particular building ( eg, old family home or place of work ) .

Who will carry the coffin?

Those chosen to carry the coffin are called the pallbearers and they have a huge role to play in the traditional funeral. They carry the coffin from the hearse into the crematorium or to the church.

How will you say goodbye?

Mourners will usually gather at the crematorium to pay their respects and then move on to a venue where they can share memories of the deceased. If your loved one is to be buried, they will often congregate at the graveside to perform an act of farewell. This could include dropping petals or soil onto the coffin.

H Keeton Funeral Directors of Sheffield, will guide you every step of the way, helping you to consider all your options and plan for the day. If you have any queries, all you need to do is ask.